Here are some of the hottest and most informative websites working to defend, protect and conserve the world's most threatened species.

AMPA-Friends of Manatee Association (Associacao Amigos do Peixe-Boi) is a Brazillian based organization with a mission to promote activites for the protection, conservation, research and management of the aquatic mammals of the Amazon river basin. AMPA supports and coordinates scientific research and local education programmes, meetings, and resources to help better safeguard vulnerable endemic Amazon mammals such as the Manatee, Pink river Dolphin, Tucuxi Dolphin, Giant Otter, and Neotropical Otter.

Support the Friends of Manatee Association here: http://www.amigosdopeixe-boi.org.br/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12&Itemid=32&lang=en

The WORLD WILDLIFE FUND and/or WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE is an independent, international network dedicated to protecting the planet's fragile environment and stopping its widespread degradation. The WWF is working hard to promote and nurture the world's biodiversity so we may someday live in harmony with nature. Here is the New Zealand entity of the larger WWF network:  http://wwf.org.nz/ For the general web-page for WWF, please visit: http://wwf.org

WILD AID is an organization working hard to end the illegal trading of wildlife. Through public awareness, WILD AID hopes to reduce the demand for species and in turn establish new marine protected areas. Follow their campaigns on: http://www.wildaid.org/index.asp?CID=1


TRAFFIC is a group working to monitor the trade of wildlife. Weather ocean mammal or native tree, this network aims to give natural environment the protection is deserves and the conservation it needs.

For more on TRAFFIC and how you can help support the cause go to: www.traffic.org


CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA (CITES) is an organization working to uphold the treaty signed in 1973 to protect the over-exploitation of wildlife. CITES is an agreement between government to ensure the world's plants and animals will survive humankind's effects.

Check out the CITES site to read about their various programs, resources, and projects: http://www.cites.org/eng/news/SG/2011/20110131_sg_statement_IYF.shtml


SHARK ALLIANCE is a group working to restore the dwindling shark populations in our oceans by tackling current threats to the species such as overfishing and finning. SHARK ALLIANCE promotes the importance of sharks as apex predators and vital components of a healthy and thriving ocean ecosystem.

To read more about this cause or get involved go to: sharkalliance.org


Plant a Fish (PAF) is a third generation Cousteau (Jacques Yves Cousteau lineage) project working to make changes, improvements, and healing efforts helping to re-establish healthy ocean ecosystems. Unique in its endeavors, PAF is a worthy website to visit and a worthy cause to support.

FInd out more about PAF here: http://www.plantafish.org/


PANGEASEED is the first Japanese conservation group working to raise awareness and educate people about the plight of sharks. Through various artistic mediums, they hope to reach people around the globe and end the current exploitation of sharks.

To learn more about this innovative Tokyo based grassroots organisation, link to: www.pangeaseed.com


SHARKANGELS is a progressive group made up of three strong willed women determined to stop the slaughter of sharks. Raising world awareness, this small but effective alliance is taking action and making a difference before its too late.

Check out SHARK ANGELS and how their are helping to save our sharks today: www.sharkangels.org

Did you know?

Since World War II, the Industrialization and Globalization of our societies, governments, and economies have generated what is now called the "throwaway" culture.

Over 1,500,000,000 Kilograms of plastic is produced every year around the world. Nearly half of that ends up in our living oceans.

Please be aware of your use of 'disposable' plastics, and take a moment to consider the permanent implications of buying, consuming, and throwing away a lifetime of plastic.

The planet is yours, be proud to protect it.

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