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Ocean Conservancy: "Start a sea change"

Massive Ocean Conservation Portal and Search Engine. Ocean Conservancy is an Ocean Conservation Portal and Internet Search Tool that provides access to reviewed ocean conservation news and information.



The Guardian is a massive online newspaper providing a wide range of publications surrounding global issues. From business to the environment, this website has a wealth of information and is very useful to search for specific topics of interest. Start, join, and win campaigns for social change

This website provides useful and informative news articles, with a wide range of topics relating to ocean conservation. "Change" encourages people to sign active petitions and create their own to join forces and give movements greater power. To visit this site click here:

The story below exposes a Singaporean resort that has imported over 25 wild Bottlenose Dolphins from the Solomon islands. A petition to stop this traumatic and deadly practice is being signed. If you wish to read more link here:

Did you know?

Long line fishing is a method by which a main line is set out with multiple baited "branches" or "snoods". This commercial fishing technique is prone to cause the 'incidental' deaths of sea birds, turtles, and sharks.

Releasing one line near the surface or on the sea bed with hundreds of baited hooks is used worldwide to target Swordfish, Tuna, Halibut, and Sablefish.

Fisheries in some areas are using thousands of hand baited hooks to draw in maximum catches. In the North-Pacific some fishing fleets are known to use 2,500 hooks on a single line extending many miles!!

As multiple sea animals are attracted to the bait on long lines, they become entangled in the line to often drown. Long line fishing is responsible for multiple ocean species becoming endangered due to the excessive by-catch ratio of this fishing method.

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