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This Department of Conservation (DOC) site has information about the protection of New Zealand's natural and historic heritage, how and where you can enjoy public conservation places, and how to get involved in your area.


Environment and Conservation Organizations of Aotearoa New Zealand (ECO) provides you with the nations top issues surrounding our environment. ECO and more than 60 groups are working together to conserve and protect New Zealand's natural heritage.


Forest and Bird: Giving Nature a Voice is a New Zealand based conservation group, working on the nation's top environmental issues. Visit

Maritime New Zealand

MNZ Manages and controls the maritime community, working to establish and implement rules and regulations to ensure a safe marine environment for work and recreation.


Ministry for the Environment

Here are some of the main focus areas of work for the Ministry for the environment:

environmental management systems, including laws, regulations and national environmental standards

national direction through national policy statements and strategies

guidance and training on best practice

information about the health of the environment.

For more information:

The following agencies have key responsibilities and functions for marine management.Within the Ministry for the Environment website, you can link up to these agencies:


Antarctica New Zealand: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean-valued, protected, understood:

The Sir Peter Blake Trust: "Leadership in Action" aims to help New Zealanders make a positive difference for the planet through activities that encourage environmental awareness and action, and leadership development.


Project Jonah is a New-Zealand based charity committed to creating a world in which animals are protected and respected.  A network of volunteers make up this passionate kiwi initiative, known for its 'let's just do it' approach. Project Jonah has been saving whales since 1974 with their rescue, action and protection programs.  With marine mammal welfare at the base of the organisation, this down to earth group is heavily involved with efforts to respond to stranded marine mammals on New-Zealand shores.

To learn more about Project Jonah link here:

Did you know?

The underwater gardens of our oceans, CORAL REEFS, are living organisms providing a home for nearly 1/2 the fish humans consume.

However, due to human's vast exploitation of the ocean environment and problems such as Global Warming, Coastal Development, Bottom Trawling, and pollution, 20% of the worlds Coral Reefs are dead.

Given the likelihood of ocean exploitation to continue, another 15% of living Coral Reefs could dissapear within 20 years.

This will affect humans in more ways than we realize...

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