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"You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives"  -Clay B. Bedford


'School Projects'  is a integral part of the Eco-Odyssey website and a core aspect of our foundation. We strongly believe that by integrating environmental education into all levels of schooling, children and youth will be better connected to their surroundings, and are likely to cultivate our natural world as they become the future stewards for our blue planet.

By motivating our youth to participate in initiatives that benefit their communities, environment, and social and economic issues, we are empowering and teaching them that education is not only nurturing their intellectual side, but their culturally emotional one as well.


As we continue to grow as a foundation, our goals remain focused on providing children and adults with the resources to form educated beliefs and passionate connections to our living environment.

Ultimately, we are working to evolve into a global movement capable of leading educational expeditions to the world's most complex and valuable marine locations, inviting young participants to enrich their 'education' with hands-on, life-changing experiences.

☛ The articles below highlight some our favourite organizations devoting their time, energy, and passion to developing school projects that are changing the fabric of communities and cultures, and most importantly shaping the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow!




January 7th, 2012

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The Enviroschools Foundation

Aotearoa, New Zealand

This unique initiative is leading the way in creating opportunity and intergenerational connections between children and youth, crafting a brighter future for New Zealand's communities, cultures, and environment.

As an independent organization, Enviroschools is partnering with over 70 agencies to address important issues facing New Zealand communities, encompassing social, cultural, and economic aspects of their everyday environment.

Crafting a better future, one school at a time

Over 800 schools are now active 'Enviroschools' and their students are now playing crucial roles in cultivating balanced, healthy communities.  From primary children learning to plant trees, to young adults designing, building, and caring for gardens, the Enviroschools Foundation is teaching New Zealand's youth to connect with their land and recognize the value of the natural world.  In turn, participants are leading the movement of environmental conservation and changing the future of their nation.

To visit the Enviroschools website, click here:

Enviroschools at home

The Eco-Odyssey Foundation is deeply rooted in Taranaki, on the west coast of New Zealand's north island.  Oakura is our home base, and New Plymouth is the nearby port city with a significant young population.  The Enviroschools Foundation has 22 schools in Taranaki, with 3,715 students participating in their projects. 

Developments and initiatives in this area include teaching students to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs, while learning the importance of soil structure, and weather's role in cultivation.  Participants are taught how an organic approach to nutrition is vital to one's health, and how holistic practices relate to our history.  Students learn the value of water when tending to gardens, and ultimately gain a better understanding of its life-giving purpose in our environment and on our planet. 


☛ Supporting organizations with monatary donations or offering time and energy is invaluable to the growth of such movements.  Donations to the Enviroschools Foundations can be made here:

For more on the fantastic efforts in the Taranaki region, here is a great link to stories of growth, discovery, and change.

☛ The 'hive Taranaki: local stories and solutions...Taranaki people, utilising local resources, supporting local living. Join the Buzz!


✦ Enviroschools is an impressive initiative, taking simple concepts and re-introducing them into the daily habits of our children, youth, and communities. We are proud to showcase a true New Zealand movement making a difference from the ground up!

A look at education in the 21st century.  Let's consider the unique composition of our societies and the cultural changes we must now adapt to in order to formulate intellectual, environmental, and social educational systems for our young generations. 

Formulated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (nzaee) and The Enviroschools Foundation.

Thriving now for the future: Education for the 21st century



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In the US alone, 100 million discarded plastic bags end up in the environment. They block drains and other waterways, entangle sea birds, choke marine animals and, as they disintegrate in the ocean, work their way into the food chain.

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