Vessel Overview

Innovative and evolutionary in design, the Eco-Odyssey Foundation’s 62 metre Polar Expedition Schooner is the Global Flagship and Ambassador for showcasing the latest environmentally friendly technology.

Eco-Odyssey shall provide an unparalleled global platform for younger generations to experience ocean exploration interactivity, conservation, education and environmental awareness.

Specially designed by French Naval Architects Olivier Petit and Nicolas Berthelot and built of sustainable and recyclable materials, key to the innovative and specialised design and safety features of the schooner is the ability to retract her underwater appendages in both Polar ice and shallow River regions to continue her voyage operations.

Based on eco-friendly solutions by harnessing solar and wind energy, the schooner’s principal propulsion will come from its 995 sq. metres of mainsail area.

Principal power supplies are provided through a combination of renewable energy sources, solar panels (90 sq. m), 4 x wind generators and new battery technology, therefore permitting emission-free voyaging and zero environmental footprint.

For classification society and statutory authority approvals, propulsion is also provided by Schottel main and forward auxiliary electrical jet pumps.  This enables hull flush installation for optimum through-water and manoeuvring efficiency, extremely shallow navigation and – important to our philosophy - compatibility with interchangeable and ever-changing power sources as the new technologies are advanced.

In addition the latest Green generator technology will support peak energy requirements such as craneage launch and recovery operations and any unplanned schooner emergencies.

The synergy of wind, solar and green fuel technologies provides a multilateral approach to energy efficiency and Eco-Odyssey’s philosophy of keeping its environmental footprint as low as reasonably practical.

Accommodating a maximum of 44 crew, celebrities, VIPs, children and guests, the schooner features the latest communication technology, computer workstations, multimedia broadcast, video post-production suite and interactive conferencing facilities.

In support of the Eco-Odyssey vision and mission - and therefore minimal environmental footprint - the latest technologies and team operations are additionally incorporated for all aspects of:

To entertain, inspire, educate and captivate our joining children, guests and interactive global family, the schooner incorporates significant design features, plus an array of exciting expedition equipment, including but not limited to:

With comfort and efficiency in mind the spacious multi-level interior is specially designed and outfitted to accommodate all aspects of our ambitious expedition programme.

Eco-Odyssey, our patrons, partners and sponsors are passionate and committed to revealing mankind’s impact and the urgency to protect life in, on and around the waters of the world.

Did you know?

The Great Barrier Reef, found in the Coral Sea off the north-east coast of Australia, is one of the world's largest protected marine reserves. As the state icon of Queensland, this reef shines as the largest structure built by tiny and amazing Coral Polyps.

The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space, and since be awarded a 'World Heritage Site' listing in 1981, tourism surrounding the reef has generated upwards of $1 Billion a year.

Composed of 2,999 unique reefs, and 900 islands spread over 2,600 Kilometers, a countless amount of wildlife call the reef home.

Some threats to the reef are over-fishing, coral bleaching, and outbreaks of Crown of thorns starfish. Climate change is also a formidable cause for concern.

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