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Current weather Tuesday 19/12/2017 at 07:22

Temperature   17.3 C  
Humidity   72%  
Wind   5 KT knots from the SW 218°  
Pressure   1006.8hPa  (Steady)  
Rainfall   0.0mm  


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Did you know?

Grey Whales are worldwide travellers, embarking on the longest migrations of any known mammal.

They move between masses of ocean terrain for their annual summer feeding and winter breeding periods, stretching their journey from the Arctic to Mexico and back!

Part of the Baleen Whale family, Grey Whales filter the sea floor with the help of 'plates', looking for small Crustaceans and worms.

Of the two known populations, Grey Whales in the North-Western Pacific are CRITICALLY ENDANGERED, compared to their healthier counterparts in the Eastern North Pacific.

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