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Here at the Kids Corner, we offer you fun and informative games, reading material, and pictures to get everyone excited about our world oceans and environment!

Protecting our blue panet starts with each and every one of us, big or small, and getting involved with ocean conservation and wilflife protection will help to 'awaken and activate our environmental spirit'.

So dive in, read up, and be a part of taking care of the beautiful wonders of our world!

Did you know?

How far did the food you eat travel to get to your plate?

The average journey our food takes to arrive at the point of consumption is between 1,500 and 2,500 miles.

From its origin, food now travels 25% farther compared to 30 years ago. It takes LOADS of energy and refrigeration to transport food, not to mention the TIME your food has spent from being harvested to reaching your plate...

Eat fresh!! Support local farmers, and help your community and planet thrive.

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