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Here in 'Maps & Charts' we want our viewers to get a great perspective for where we are traveling to during expeditions, so you may follow our journeys with the click of a button! 


Feel free to use the cursor on each map to zoom into the images and view satellite and terrain characteristics.

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Amazonas-Manaus, Brazil

Manaus, Brazil is the capital of the state Amazonas. It is the most populated city of this region, and lies at the confluence of the Negro and Solimoes rivers.

Translating as 'Mother of the Gods', Manaus has a population of 2,006,870, representing 50% of the Amazon's inhabitants.

Historically, Manaus was deemed 'Heart of the Amazon and City of the Forest'.




Taranaki, New Zealand

Our home base in Aotearoa. Please check out New-Zealand's North-West coast here and also live via our webcam .


Did you know?

Fishy Facts...

Today, there are over 3 million vessels fishing our oceans.

Some of the biggest ships called "Supertrawlers" can be the length of a football field and fit 12 planes onto their deck.

The "Supertrawler" catches 10 tons of fish per hour!!!

The Global Fisheries industry is spending more time, money, and effort on the ocean, and fishing harder than ever before...

This is seriously threatening entire populations of fish that have roamed the earth for hundreds of millions of years.

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