In our lifetime, whether we live close to home or travel the world, we will be inspired by people and places.

New experiences, leaps into the unknown, and journeys to unchartered lands will shape and shift us into braver and bolder humans; capable of unimaginable accomplishments.

The Eco-Odyssey Foundation was conceived, nurtured and grows today because of one very inspirational man, who in his lifetime, defied the ordinary and carved his legacy with extra-ordinary purpose.

Sir Peter Blake, his person, spirit, and passion, are the reasons this foundation exists, and the source of our creative endeavours and environmental quests.

In our new 'Inspirational' section, we honour a great man, who still today, on the 10th anniversary of his death in the Amazon, motivates us to be bigger, bolder, and braver ambassadors for our blue planet.

☛ Stay tuned as we bring you people, places, and stories which stand out, pulsate with life, and awaken the 'environmental spirit' in us all.. 

March 14th, 2012

Sir Peter Blake Image gallery

Please enjoy the moments captured on film; once again bringing to life, the incredible journeys of Sir Peter Blake.

December 14th, 2011

A Blake Tribute: Amazon expedition 2011

"It was a very special moment to all of us, and particularly to Janot, Marc, Miguel and Bosco, who had known Sir Peter.  We felt honoured to have been able to put a memorial there for him, and for future travellers who would also like to commemorate his life."

-Jungle team

This year, as two Eco-Odyssey team members joined the 'Worldswise Expeditions' team for a month long journey to Brazil's Amazonas, they sought to return to areas visitied by Sir Peter Blake ten years ago, in the last days of his life.

Along ther journeys up and down the Rio Branco and Negro, participants had the opportunity to explore this remote life-giving region, and reflect upon the life of Sir Peter and how his energy is forever preseved in the rainforest.  Expedition leader Dr. Marc Shaw and Eco-Odyssey co-founder Janot Prat were part of the ill-fated Blakexpeditions' 2001 voyage, and this year, a decade after the loss of their friend,  they stood again where Sir Peter took his last steps.

Below are a series of photographs from this year's Amazon adventure, and showcases the commemorative cross and plaque built by the jungle team, as well as images from Sir Peter Blake's memorial as it overlooks the river. 

Segments from the log entries of Dr. Marc Shaw, Janot Prat, and Cara Blomfield highlight the emotions of this profound experience and offer a genuine tribute to a great man.

Matt, Janot, and Marc working on Sir Peter's memorial. Apurissaua, Dec 2011

Janot makes the final touches. Apurissaua, Dec 2011

"We moved to a new spot, Velho Airao.  This was to be our site for the memorial for Sir Peter Blake.  The place is beautiful...what makes it so special is that there are ruins of houses built in the 1880’s by people from Portugal, trying to start a new life here...They create a very mystical atmosphere about the place."

"This spot is where Sir Peter Blake and Seamaster’s jungle team spent a night, ten years ago."

Making of memorial. Marc, Janot, Matt.

The boys give the cross its final resting place. Marc, Miguel, Bosco, Janot.

"The chosen site sits on a cliff top under two big mango trees, with the river stretching out behind it.  The cross was erected, and everyone felt it was the perfect place."

"Marc Shaw said a few words about Peter, who he was and what he was trying to achieve, and we all shared a moment of silence to honour him.  As a tribute, we then sung Maori songs, linking the occasion to our homeland, New Zealand."

Friendship is eternal. Janot and memorial.


"..we are now coming to the spot where Seamaster and the Jungle Team separated 10 years ago.  It was the last time that both I and Janot ever saw Peter Blake."

"So many images here of 10 years ago. Peter Blake and his wife, Lady Pippa...Wonderful sunsets.  A jungle crew (Janot and I and Ollie, Mark the American SEAL, and Alistair).  Going to the jungle. It was to be a new experience for me.  That was supposedly the dangerous part of our trip.  Little did we know."

Memorial view from river.


"It was a very special moment to all of us, and particularly to Janot, Marc, Miguel and Bosco, who had known Sir Peter.  We felt honoured to have been able to put a memorial there for him, and for future travellers who would also like to commemorate his life."

December 5th, 2011

'Blakey’s 10 year Anniversary'


By: Ollie Olphert

Below is from a Blakexpeditions log during a return to the Amazon with the BBC in 2002 following Peter’s Death.

This still stands true today 10 years on and why our passion, commitment, love as such to honour his journey exists. It is why the Eco-Odyssey Foundation exists.

Our team is currently in the Amazon for this special commemoration and as it did on the night of his untimely death the jungle has spoken loudly with a fierce and unseasonal storm.  The Amazon and Peter know we have returned once again.

Why are we here?

"To be able to visit the "pulse points" of the planet and report on what we see, on what we find, on what we learn through our adventures on this very special vessel of ours, 'Seamaster'.

Rather than reading about the most critical environmental areas of the world, we wanted to 'see for ourselves' and form our own opinions."

-Peter Blake. 9th October, 2001

Ollie also has some thoughts on this question

A saying, a question, an expression of feelings from Peter that we have read and heard many times in the last year and a half.

So, why are we, the crew of Seamaster and friends, and particularly here back in the Amazon?

"We are here because we have a passion, are committed and dedicated to continue the work of Peter's visions and dreams to make a better world for our future generations. We are here despite the loss of our leader, our friend and colleague, to continue his work and try to make a difference."


To say the least it has been an extremely difficult few months for all since the tragedy of his death, but with the support of our loved ones, friends, and supporters, we have the resolve to continue our quest.

Many people will say we are against impossible odds but we say our heart and soul were never stronger. We will strive forward and are committed and dedicated to the path ahead.





Fair winds our dear friend..


Did you know?

The Amazon river basin and surrounding rain forest encompasses more than 1/3 of the entire world's wildlife.

The enormous tropical forest and 2nd longest river on the planet cover an area exceeding 5,400,000 km2!!

The Amazon's rain forest has the richest biodiversity, while the river system is home to over 2,100 fish species...with more being discovered every year!

Illegal gold mining and deforestation are two destructive practices threatening the Amazon. This vast area is home to numerous native communities that rely on their surrounding environment to survive.

A true wonder of the world, the Amazon rain forest and river basin require protection, restoration, and conservation action in order to withstand aggressive human exploitation.

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