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On our recent expedition to the Amazon, our team members documented their thoughts, sights, and discoveries throughout their month-long journey into the rainforest.

✎ This series of log entries depicts the first-hand experiences and observations during a once-in-a-lifetime jungle adventure.

Enjoy the tales and breathtaking images!


'Our final Amazon Log'

Dec 12, 2012

Dec 12th – 15th, 2011 by: Cara Blomfield After we left the location with the new memorial for  Sir Peter Blake,  we had a feeling of accomplishment that we had completed what we came here to do.  But we still had a lot of...

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Amazon Reflections

Jan 31, 2012

Amazon Reflections By: Cara Blomfield It’s bizarre being back home, getting back into the swing of things, but its remarkable to know that I have been to this incredible place where not many people will ever get the chance to go to....

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'A decade later, the journey continues'

Dec 18, 2011

Janot, Rio Negro It was ten years ago now that I first arrived in  Manaus  aboard  Blakexpeditions’  Seamaster.  We stopped here for a couple of days, after motoring up the Amazon from  Belem . We had to get more food, fuel and...

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'Expedition team honors Sir Peter Blake'

Dec 13, 2011

9th - 11th Dec On the morning of the 9th we returned back up the small river to the ‘lake’ before sunrise. Hoping to see more birdlife, we ended up seeing lots of botos! It was great seeing them so close, and hearing them surface as we...

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'Rio Negro meets Branco'

Dec 12, 2011

6th - 8th Dec On the way from Santa Isabel to Barcelos, down the Rio Negro, we stopped at a large, beautiful, white sand bar - in the middle of the river!  It was a huge island of sand – and nothing else - and the boat was...

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Santa Isabel and Sao Gabriel

Dec 7, 2011

 30.11-1.12 Segments from Dr. Marc Shaw's Log entries The approach to this important village is very pretty.  Lots of small islands around – some with habitation but most without.  Menfolk fishing. Women washing.  Small...

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'Sao Gabriel to Uacara village'

Dec 7, 2011

December 3rd-4th We had another day in Sao Gabriel to do our own things on Saturday (the 3rd December).  Half of the group joined the locals on the bus into town, while the other half went with Miguel on the  Cicerone  to...

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'The living forest'

Dec 5, 2011

December 5th-6th On Monday morning our group divided – half going for a walk up a hill and half going to visit a waterfall by boat. Janot went on the tramp while Cara went with Miguel to see the waterfall. Cara was...

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Traveling from Barcelos to Santa Isabel

Dec 4, 2011

November 26th-30th After our adventure into the jungle and up the Tepuy, we’ve had a relaxing few days on the boat. We stayed in Barcelos for 2 days, and are now travelling up the Rio Negro again. In Barcelos we spent some time...

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The ecology and adaptations of the wildlife in the forest

Dec 1, 2011

"The Amazonas area is filled with all different types of fauna and flora. They have evolved over a very long time, continually competing for their position in the jungle and river." The adaptations of the wildlife are amazing. It...

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