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Current weather Sunday 19/08/2018 at 19:12

Temperature   10.0 C  
Humidity   88%  
Wind   4 KT knots from the ESE 104°  
Pressure   1006.7hPa  (Steady)  
Rainfall   0.2mm  


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Did you know?

The all mighty whale!!

Humans and whales have significant biological similarities bonding them in the group of mammals. We nourish our young with milk we produce naturally, breathe oxygen through a set of lungs and are warm-blooded.

Although whales are thought to have evolved partly from terrestrial ancestry, they have adapted to life underwater, capable of absorbing more oxygen than mammals on earth.

Along their journeys in the ocean, whales may go without sleep for up to 3 months, without food for 8 months, and wait as long as 2 hours between surface breaths!

Let's protect whales!! ♥

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