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Current weather Saturday 20/10/2018 at 22:28

Temperature   11.8 C  
Humidity   89%  
Wind   3 KT knots from the ESE 120°  
Pressure   1024.7hPa  (Steady)  
Rainfall   0.0mm  


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Did you know?

The underwater gardens of our oceans, CORAL REEFS, are living organisms providing a home for nearly 1/2 the fish humans consume.

However, due to human's vast exploitation of the ocean environment and problems such as Global Warming, Coastal Development, Bottom Trawling, and pollution, 20% of the worlds Coral Reefs are dead.

Given the likelihood of ocean exploitation to continue, another 15% of living Coral Reefs could dissapear within 20 years.

This will affect humans in more ways than we realize...

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